David Vidal

Chief Compliance Officer & VP for AI Regulation

David Vidal is a legal and regulatory compliance expert and the Chief Compliance Officer & VP for AI Regulation at IDx, a leading AI diagnostics company.

Vidal played an instrumental role in the historic clearance of IDx-DR, the first autonomous AI diagnostic authorized by the FDA, leading all quality, regulatory, and legal efforts during the pre- and post-authorization period. 

His expertise in the space has been sought after by AI policy groups that are working to ensure the safety, efficacy,and equity of AI in healthcare.

In his role at IDx, Vidal oversees legal and regulatory compliance, including HIPAA, GDPR, and good clinical practice, and has led the company through numerous successful data security and quality audits. He is a member of the Iowa Bar. 

Before attending law school at McGeorge School of Law and the University of Iowa, Vidal was an assistant coach for the Track & Field at Stanford University for five years, helping lead the team to multiple National Championships. 

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