Three reasons why you will love working at IDx

1. The Mission

We are united in pursuit of a common goal: transforming healthcare through automation. We know the work we are doing is important, and there is something truly special about being on the leading edge where technology meets medicine.

2. The Environment

IDx is a fast-moving, rapidly evolving company with a challenging and intellectually stimulating environment. If you are flexible, like building new things, and want to take ownership of your work, then you would make a great fit for IDx.

​3. The Team

We work with a team of intelligent, dedicated, and passionate individuals, who happen to be pretty cool people, too. We enjoy learning from each other and helping each other grow. You’ll work alongside industry and world leaders while being valued and supported by the entire team.

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Additional Benefits

As an early stage company, we don’t fight the perk war. Our employees are here because they are passionate about making a difference in healthcare through technology. However, IDx does offer additional niceties:

Flexible Scheduling
Life happens. Sometime you need to work from home or leave the office for a few hours. We trust team members to deliver on their commitments.

Educational Funding
Through a partnership with the state's Department of Economic Development, IDx underwrites activities, memberships, conferences, or educational resources as a means of professional development for our growing team.

Kitchen Stocked with Snacks and Drinks
IDx offers staff an array of snacks and drinks. Whether you crave peanut M&Ms or fruit is your snack of choice, we've got your fuel a short walk away.