Finally, an effective solution for achieving
high diabetic retinopathy (DR) exam compliance

24,000 people go blind each year needlessly from diabetic retinopathy. This is entirely preventable through early detection and treatment, which is why HEDIS and other healthcare quality metrics include this in comprehensive diabetes care measures.

Yet for years health systems have struggled to hit this measure - as few as 15% of Medicare patients have an annual eye exam, according to a Diabetes Care study.

IDx-DR improves compliance by increasing access to diabetic retinopathy testing in primary care

Some health systems have tried telemedicine to improve access, but often struggle to significantly move the needle on their compliance numbers because of barriers to scale: workflow and quality issues, delays in receiving results, and difficulties in finding qualified readers.

With the first FDA-cleared autonomous AI diagnostic system, IDx-DR, you can test patients in primary care without needing telemedicine or specialist over read.

Testing for Diabetic Retinopathy in Primary Care

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“From a diabetes management perspective, IDx-DR allows me to have a lot more control. Only about 16% of my patients used to have their diabetic retinopathy exam documented in their charts; I am now trending close to 100% documentation.”

- Dr. Lee Herman of Johns Creek Primary Care in Georgia

Immediate, real time results at the point-of-care

With IDx-DR, physicians can discuss results and make same day referrals, before the patient leaves the office.

Instant documentation in the EHR for compliance reporting

No more waiting for results or staff time spent on follow-up calls or tracking down documentation.

FDA-cleared and rigorously validated in clinical care

AI enables consistent, high-quality results: 87% sensitivity and 90% specificity in a preregistered prospective clinical trial

Easy to use and fit into
existing workflow

Any staff member can be trained to operate IDx-DR. An exam takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Successfully implemented in clinical workflow at dozens of sites.

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