IDx-DR Download

The IDx-DR Client
The IDx-DR Client software allows you to group four fundus images of a single patient together and securely submit them over the internet to the IDx-DR algorithm. In order to use the software it must be registered with IDx; unregistered software cannot be used to submit images for analysis. Contact IDx at for more information about obtaining registration code.

​IDx-DR Client Version 2.3.0 can be downloaded here:
The electronic manual that is downloadable from the link below is made available in the PDF format which can be viewed by any PDF viewer. If you do not have a PDF viewer available, the manual is also supplied with IDx-DR Client which comes with a built-in viewer.
Download Client User Manual
Download the IDxDR Warnings and Indications General Use Manual (All Languages) ​:
Warnings and Indications