IDx-DR Download

The IDx-DR Client
The IDx-DR Client software allows you to group four fundus images of a single patient together and securely submit them over the internet to the IDx-DR algorithm. In order to use the software it must be registered with IDx; unregistered software cannot be used to submit images for analysis. Contact IDx at for more information about obtaining registration code.

​IDx-DR Client Version 2.3.1 can be downloaded here:
Getting Started

Follow these steps to register, install and start using IDx-DR Client:
  1. Download the client software from the link above.
  2. Install the client software by double clicking the downloaded executable file and following the instructions on the screen.
  3. Contact to obtain a registration code.
  4. Start IDx-DR Client by double clicking IDxDRClient.exe
  5. Register the IDx-DR Client using the registration code.
  6. Start using the IDx-DR Client to submit and analyze patient exams.
The electronic manual that is downloadable from the link below is made available in the PDF format which can be viewed by any PDF viewer. If you do not have a PDF viewer available, the manual is also supplied with IDx-DR Client which comes with a built-in viewer.
Download Client User Manual
Download the IDxDR Warnings and Indications General Use Manual (All Languages) ​:
Warnings and